“Pragmatic and structured”

Dirk Berre, Technical Manager at Scandinavian Tobacco Group

“We choose Systematic Vacuum at the time for their professionalism and knowledge of vacuum drying technology. In the meantime we have completed 5 projects with them, installations for drying cigars and for moisturising tobacco bales. Systematic Vacuum has much expertise in vacuum installations and drying products. This means that they look for the best customer-specific solution instead of supplying a basic product. The projects are structured and run pragmatically; first the preliminary research and then an offer, which is explained well and adapted in mutual consultation to arrive at the best solution. The project then runs in phases, clear and according to the agreements. They plead the cause for combining our employees’ knowledge of tobacco and cigars with their knowledge of vacuum drying to continue to develop and improve. They can realise better custom-made solutions with this method of work.

Additionally Indigo is very customer-oriented after delivery of the system. They respond quickly and adequately to resolve any problems with the installation. This is the reason we are with Systematic Vacuum. “