Vacuum conveying


Vacuum conveying of:

  • Organic waste.
  • Powdered products, dairy, confectionery and baking products.
  • Synthetic powdered and granulated products.
  • Ceramic additives.
  • Waste products from concrete production.
  • Scrap metal.
  • Crushed ice.

The question

 Vacuum conveyingWaste products come free from most lines for the abovementioned productions or bulk products have to be added at specific places on the line. Most bulk products can be transported using the standard solutions available in trade but the transport of some products requires a specific solution designed and built for the application.

Systematic Vacuum vacuum conveying

Vacuum conveying by Systematic Vacuum is an efficient and safe technique to transport bulk products that cannot be transported by a standard solution or to remove waste products to a central store. This is necessary for products that are greasy, separated, abrasive, corrosive or sensitive to degradation in the case of multiple suction points in one pipe. It is also suitable for sanitary applications and complex supply.

Characteristics – advantages

  1. High capacity.
  2. Large transport height possible.
  3. No blockades.
  4. Very long pipe lengths possible.
  5. Very solidly built system, fully stainless steel; no wear on bends and pipework.
  6. Simple and reliable pump technology with minimum maintenance costs.
  7. Low energy consumption.
  8. Efficient control in which all functions are integrated.
  9. No oil waste, no filters.
  10. No problem with carry over to the vacuum pumps.
  11. Integrated cleaning system.
  12. Customer-oriented software in the required language with extensive operating options.
  13. Long experience of Systematic Vacuum in this sector with many different products.
  14. Many references.

High quality technology

 Vacuum conveyingSystematic Vacuum offers a complete turnkey solution for these applications consisting of: collection hoppers, valves, transport pipework, cyclone units, vacuum pumps, control, process software and cleaning systems. Hoppers, pipework, valves and cyclone unit are made entirely from stainless steel and therefore maintenance-free. Several versions are available, depending on the local situation.

The pump system is designed to achieve a deep vacuum, high transport speeds, long lifespan, low energy costs and low maintenance costs. It has been constructed using the most modern pump technology, specially selected for this application.

The control we have developed regulates the process accurately, monitors, controls and corrects the process.


Leading production companies in the ceramic, dairy, milk powder production, synthetic production and hide processing industries have used this system for many years. Ask our customers about their experiences.