Deaeration by vacuum


Deaeration of:

  • Silicon dispersions.
  • Chemically prefabricated substances.
  • Prefabricated transparent substances.
  • Rubber substances.
  • Clay and ceramic products.
  • Mixed meat products. Synthetics.
  • Moulds for filling.

The question

Vacuum deaerationIn many production processes different additives are mixed together or dissolved to arrive at the required composition, viscosity, chemical properties, strength or colour. A similar product is usually made as a bulk product in process installations. When the product has the required specifications, it is suitable for further processing into the end product.

Many products have high specifications in respect to:

  • Uniformity.
  • Colour.
  • Clarity.
  • Viscosity.
  • Temperature-resistance.
  • Conductivity.

Many of these mixing processes are done by stirring, tumbling or shaking techniques which often unavoidably trap air. Air in the product can be adverse to its specifications. That is why the trapped air is removed before the product is processed any further. This is done in the vacuum deaerator.

Systematic Vacuum vacuum deaeration

Vacuum deaerationSystematic Vacuum has had a lot of experience in this type of process. The company has developed a turnkey system for deaerating silicon dispersions for prostheses. Systematic Vacuum has designed and built a complete process installation that overcomes the many problems during the transport and deaeration of this product in respect to:

  • Transportation; the product becomes solid when stationary.
  • Evaporation of hazardous solvents; no danger of explosion.
  • Sanitary application.
  • High degree of uniformity.
  • Viscosity is effected by deaeration.

Systematic Vacuum uses its experience in these processes in other deaeration issues.

Characteristics – advantages

  1. Very short cycle time.
  2. Uniform deaeration.
  3. Controllable and reproducible process.
  4. Reliable, strong vacuum deaerator made from stainless steel for a long lifespan; built to fit the local situation.
  5. Very modern pump technology: low steam consumption, low maintenance costs, long lifespan.
  6. Customer-oriented software in the required language with extensive operating options.
  7. Long experience of Systematic Vacuum with many different applications and specifications in the process industry.

High quality technology

The vacuum deaerator has been developed by Systematic Vacuum specifically for this application. It is a turnkey machine consisting of: vacuum deaerator, pump system, control and software, logistics for feeding in and unloading.

The vacuum deaerator is made entirely from stainless steel and therefore maintenance free. Various versions are possible depending on the local situation, but the method of feeding the products into the deaerator determines the version.

The pump system is designed to achieve a deep vacuum and to circulate aggressive, corrosive and explosive material. The pump system is constructed using the most modern fully dry-running pump technology. This technology saves you energy, water and maintenance costs.

The control we have developed accurately regulates, monitors, controls and corrects the process.


Leading manufacturers have already been using this system for many years for the abovementioned applications. Ask our customers about their experiences.