Process industrial pump systems


  • Molecular distillation with fatty acids.
  • Multi-purpose production.
  • Mixing and dry applications with many solvents.
  • Mixing and dry applications with acid vapours.
  • Processes with explosive and corrosive vapours.
  • Inertisation. Distillation.
  • Transportation.
  • Reticulating cold PU foam.

The question

Process industrial pump systemsVacuum technology is used in many production processes in when dealing with products by mixing, deaeration, inertisation, drying at low temperatures, transportation, homogenisation, distillation, reactions under specific conditions, filtration and reticulation.

Similar products are usually made as bulk product in process installations. The product is suitable for further processing into the end or semi finished product when it has the required specifications. Many products have high specifications in respect to:

  • Uniformity.
  • Colour.
  • Clarity.
  • Viscosity.
  • Temperature-resistance.
  • Conductivity.

Process installations that have been specifically designed for the relevant application are used in many of these processes. The vacuum systems are generally designed and installed separately from the process installation.

Systematic Vacuum pump systems

Process industrial pump systemsSystematic Vacuum has had much experience with vacuum pump systems. The company once started with the development of this type of application and has filled the existing demand from this sector as vacuum specialist since 1995:

  • Dry pump systems without the use of water.
  • Explosion-safe solutions (Atex).
  • Reliable solutions for corrosive vapours and solutions.
  • Energy-saving solutions.
  • Replacement of steam injectors, water ring vacuum pumps and diffusion pumps.
  • Pump systems that are compact and quick to start up.

Characteristics – advantages

  1. Fully designed and aimed at the application;
  2. No concessions.
  3. Design is based on the initial data not on the available assortment. Comprehensive interpretation of customer’s specifications.
  4. Use of the most modern techniques.
  5. Solid and reliable.
  6. Long standing lives, low maintenance costs.
  7. Systematic Vacuum long experience with many different applications and specifications in the process industry.

High quality technology

Systematic Vacuum designs on the basis of their independence. They do not start with pre-programmed solutions but design and select on the basis of the application. Systematic Vacuum is unique in the branch in that.


Leading manufacturers in the process industry have used our dry vacuum pump systems and vacuum pump units for the abovementioned applications for many years. Just like our turnkey vacuum process systems. Here lies our power, knowledge and experience. Ask our customers about their experiences.