Vacuum drying


  • Accurate and uniform after-drying of open cell food products.
  • Drying electronic products after production or cleaning; printed circuit boards, telephone installations, computers, screens, for example.
  • Drying metal products such as hydraulic components, nozzles, injectors after cleaning in baths.
  • Drying complicated plastic products after cleaning and rinsing.
  • Quick drying of complicated products with many holes and cavities after cleaning baths.
  • Quick drying of electronic products after fire damage.

The question

Vacuum dryingMany products have to be dried during production or as the final process. Most drying processes go out from the principle of heat exchange from the outside to the inside or by the difference in the relative moisture content between the surface and the surroundings. The transport of vapour is created. These processes work as long as the cores of the moisture can be reached. The drying times will be very long if the moisture is deeper or trapped owing to the long transport route. The stumbling block in these processes is the high energy cost of the drying process.

Systematic Vacuum vacuum drying

Systematic Vacuum drying provides you with a very good solution. The principle of vacuum drying is following the boiling point curve of the product to be evaporated, often water. The whole product goes into the vacuum chamber where the pressure is reduced until it reaches the saturated vapour pressure; from that moment on the water evaporates and is removed by the vacuum installation. Vacuum drying

In most cases the specific heat of the substance to be dried is much lower than that of the basic material. The basic material ensures that the temperature drops only slightly, or not at all as in the case of metals. The pressure/the vacuum reaches every part so that the moisture evaporates from everywhere. Uniform drying occurs within a very short time although the product does not heat up and is therefore not temperature loaded. A great advantage to many products.

Characteristics – advantages

  1. Very short drying time.
  2. Uniform drying.
  3. Controllable and reproducible process.
  4. Solid, strong vacuum chamber made from stainless steel for a long lifespan; built to fit the local situation.
  5. Very modern pump technology: low steam consumption, low maintenance costs, long lifespan.
  6. Customer-oriented software in the required language with extensive operating options.
  7. Long experience of Systematic Vacuum in various industries.
  8. Many references.

High quality technology

Systematic Vacuum has developed the vacuum dryer specifically for this application. It is a complete turnkey machine consisting of: vacuum chamber, pump system, control and software, logistics for feeding and unloading the product.

The vacuum chamber is made entirely from stainless steel and therefore maintenance free. Several versions are available, depending on the local situation. The method of feeding products into the vacuum chamber is qualifying for the choice of the door and the feed systems. There is also a turnkey solution for existing vacuum chambers.

The pump system is designed to obtain a deep vacuum, necessary for getting the low starting moisture contents to the required end result. The pump system is constructed using the most modern fully dry-running pump technology which saves you steam, energy, water and maintenance costs.

The control we have developed regulates the process accurately, monitors, controls and corrects the process. Several pre-set menus can be used for various products and loads.


Leading manufacturers have been using this system for the abovementioned applications for many years. Ask our customers about their experiences.