“Actually understands the process”

Jos van Osch van Lutece, producer of canned mushrooms

Mushrooms“We wanted to use vacuum cooling to cool the mushrooms to a temperature between 2 and 5° Celsius quickly after picking. Systematic Vacuum brought so much additional value with them in the preliminary stage that we chose them. Bonne Heeringa wanted to know all about our products and requirements in respect to the quality and storage life of the mushrooms. Good interaction was possible and a good impression of the opportunities and risks was acquired by working openly together in the preliminary stage. The result: a very balanced solution thanks to the enormous experience and specialist knowledge of Systematic Vacuum. A process technologist then tested the parameters on a small installation to reach an optimal solution and we now have a vacuum system that works well, irrespective of whether 2 or 2000 kilo of mushrooms need to be cooled. This solution is unique because the technology is a controlled process. We are very pleased with Indigo’s expertise. They not only sell but they also want to actually understand the process so that the best solution is achieved. Moreover they deliver high quality work, the timing of the project is good and they have taken the hygiene of the installation into consideration in the design. The whole process was supple and smooth.”