Systematic Vacuum

Care and attention to all solutions

Systematic Vacuum has had more than 25 years experience in the field of vacuum technology and bulk technology. The two specialisms reinforce each other. We use the knowledge we have of bulk technology for vacuum transport applications and our knowledge of vacuum technology for nitrogen gassing systems. Indigo designs, builds and delivers the right technical solution for the application and the requirements of the customer. We design from a combination of high-quality components and in this way achieve the most optimal solution. Depending on the application, Indigo develops the system, makes the structural analysis, develops software, produces stainless steel process equipment, builds control boxes and mounts pipelines, installs it on site, commissions it and maintains it later.

The solutions from Systematic Vacuum are characterised by:

  • a design based on the customer’s demands and for the application, not based on a defined assortment;
  • concrete, reliably custom-made and delivered;
  • simplicity is often the best option;
  • the use of very high quality components ensures minimal Cost of Ownership and minimal maintenance costs;
  • minimal stillstand time;
  • maximal lifespan.

First, get to the bottom of the question

Specialism, dedication and finding high quality solutions are keywords for Systematic Vacuum, just like the very customer-friendly approach and the well-arranged offer in which even the smallest details are made clear. We must find the root of the problem quickly and concretely to be able to make a custom-made system and only then work on a possible solution. We only build when we are sure it is correct. And it is only correct when the installation does what it has been designed to do and the project has been satisfactorily delivered. The initiative of the people from Indigo is distinctive. We pay a lot of attention and care to the delivery and know more than anybody else that the following project comes about from a good response from customers and references.

The people from Indigo’s approach is characterised by:

  • years of experience and knowledge built up in industrial vacuum and bulk good technology which they use to develop the best technological solutions;
  • a very customer-friendly and thematic approach;
  • transparent and open way of communicating;
  • direct, application-oriented, no-nonsense;
  • service-oriented, short lines, can be reached 24/7 for all your queries;
  • after sales care.