Indigo Engineering
becomes Systematic Vacuum

Indigo Tailored Vacuum Systems will be named Systematic Vacuum from the 1st of January 2020. You may have already heard about Systematic Vacuum, since we have previously adopted this name as a statutory name in all of our correspondence. From the beginning of the new year, we will no longer operate under the brand name Indigo and choose to operate under our new brand name Systematic Vacuum instead.

Why Systematic Vacuum?

Our new company name Systematic Vacuum superiorly suits the method of our approach in relation to projects. Systematic Vacuum stands for quality in customization, innovative power and result-oriented solutions for industrial vacuum applications. We want to distinguish ourselves more prominently and internationally on these characteristics. And we will establish this by connecting our new name and logo to the markets in which we are operating and by giving our corporate identity a more unique and distinct appearance amongst other things.