“Supervision from A to Z”

Project leader at a producer of food products

Worst“We do business with Systematic Vacuum because they go for the best technological solutions, with a good quality-price ratio. Moreover they are extremely flexible and we have no need to worry. We recently installed a new central vacuum system in England. After commissioning, it emerged that the required capacity of the production lines could not be reached. Systematic Vacuum then responded quickly, did not turn their backs but evaluated the situation on the spot. The solution lay in a modification to our own production lines. The advantage to us is that Systematic Vacuum supervises this sort of project from A to Z. The assurance that production can continue is important, and Systematic Vacuum gave us that assurance.

Innovative thinking

In addition Systematic Vacuum thinks a step ahead with innovative solutions. A fine example of this is the project in Aalsmeer where the pumps in the central vacuum system were outdated. Systematic Vacuum evaluated the situation and provided complete and good advice. A respectable energy saving could be realised by replacing the existing pumps with one new pump. In this type of situation Systematic Vacuum thinks along with the customer and comes up with the best solution. Technically Bonne Heeringa is very well-grounded, he is a pleasant party to do business with, open and genuine.”

“Actually understands the process”

Jos van Osch van Lutece, producer of canned mushrooms

Mushrooms“We wanted to use vacuum cooling to cool the mushrooms to a temperature between 2 and 5° Celsius quickly after picking. Systematic Vacuum brought so much additional value with them in the preliminary stage that we chose them. Bonne Heeringa wanted to know all about our products and requirements in respect to the quality and storage life of the mushrooms. Good interaction was possible and a good impression of the opportunities and risks was acquired by working openly together in the preliminary stage. The result: a very balanced solution thanks to the enormous experience and specialist knowledge of Systematic Vacuum. A process technologist then tested the parameters on a small installation to reach an optimal solution and we now have a vacuum system that works well, irrespective of whether 2 or 2000 kilo of mushrooms need to be cooled. This solution is unique because the technology is a controlled process. We are very pleased with Indigo’s expertise. They not only sell but they also want to actually understand the process so that the best solution is achieved. Moreover they deliver high quality work, the timing of the project is good and they have taken the hygiene of the installation into consideration in the design. The whole process was supple and smooth.”

”Real and True”

Leo Koolen of Koolen Mushrooms

Koolen MushroomsWe are very pleased with Systematic Vacuum. During the pre Project phase Bonne Heeringa invested lot of time and effort in making the questions translate into an installation that just fullfilled our wishes. We first started with small-scale tests. Then for a few months a pilot plant was installed. Bonne followed properly these tests. He visited our production many times because he wants to see how the process goes and he has real interest. He has a lot of patience and had given us time. After that we came to an investment and also that process went well. The installation is placed, everything is nicely finished and handled. In case there is a question, one call is enough and the problem is solved within a very short time. Systematic Vacuum executed this project extremely well. Bonne is truly and sincerely. I have great respect for that.

“Pragmatic and structured”

Dirk Berre, Technical Manager at Scandinavian Tobacco Group

“We choose Systematic Vacuum at the time for their professionalism and knowledge of vacuum drying technology. In the meantime we have completed 5 projects with them, installations for drying cigars and for moisturising tobacco bales. Systematic Vacuum has much expertise in vacuum installations and drying products. This means that they look for the best customer-specific solution instead of supplying a basic product. The projects are structured and run pragmatically; first the preliminary research and then an offer, which is explained well and adapted in mutual consultation to arrive at the best solution. The project then runs in phases, clear and according to the agreements. They plead the cause for combining our employees’ knowledge of tobacco and cigars with their knowledge of vacuum drying to continue to develop and improve. They can realise better custom-made solutions with this method of work.

Additionally Indigo is very customer-oriented after delivery of the system. They respond quickly and adequately to resolve any problems with the installation. This is the reason we are with Systematic Vacuum. “